Here are links to other groups that are close to Friends of Yarra Valley Parks.


  • ParkConnect is Website run by Parks Victoria for supporting volunteers working on Parks Victoria land.
  • It lists upcoming volunteer activities and lets you book in.
  • It requires you to create a user account so that you only have to enter your details once.
  • For volunteers attending our planting activities, we recommend that you register with ParkConnect, and also book in before you come to our planting activities.
  • See our FoYVP newsletter for details.



Friends of Warrandyte State Park (FOWSP)

  • Website   Facebook
  • FOWSP work upstream from us, are based in Warrandyte and are a large active group. They also run a native plant nursery with sales to the public. They have multiple volunteer activities during the week.

Friends of Westerfolds Manor (FoWM)

  • Facebook
  • FoWM have working bees to maintain the native garden at the Manor within Westerfolds Park, Templestowe.

Warringal Conservation Society (WCS)

  • Website   Facebook
  • WCS work downstream from us in the Heidelberg area and advocate for the green spaces of Banyule and beyond. They have volunteer planting and nature activities.

Yarra Riverkeeper Association (YRKA)

  • Website   Facebook
  • YRKA work along the Yarra River in the city and upstream to restore and enhance indigenous vegetation to provide habitat and carbon control. They also hold events for volunteers.

 Montmorency and Banyule Sugar Glider Projects (Nest boxes)

  • Website
  • 300 nest boxes placed on public and private land. The boxes are being made through a partnership with the local Men’s Shed.

Nest boxes in general



Victorian Environment Friends Network (VEFN)

  • Website   Facebook
  • VEFN are an umbrella group to help represent the common interests of all Friends groups in Victoria.
  • FoYVP are a member of this network.

Middle Yarra Landcare Network (MYLN)

  • Website   Facebook
  • MYLN supports local groups along our part of the Yarra to act for their environment.
  • FoYVP are a member of MYLN.

Environmental Justice Australia (EJA)

  • Website   Facebook
  • EJA are lawyers for nature and the community who use their legal expertise to protect nature and defend the community’s right to a healthy environment.
  • EJA have worked with us on submissions to the Yarra Strategic Plan.

Environment Victoria (EV)

  • Website   Facebook
  • EV is a large group that, on behalf of all of us, tackles big issues like the climate crisis, sustainable living, and protecting nature.
  • We donate to this group.

 Manningham Council Reconciliation information