We mainly do new plantings and maintenance of previous plantings at sites close to the Yarra River between Heidelberg and Warrandyte, in Melbourne, Australia.

For on-ground work, we meet on the 4th Sunday of the months March to November, from 10am to Noon.

We plant locally grown tubestock of  indigenous trees, mid-story and ground-level species. We add guards and stakes around each plant to deter rabbits browsing. Recently we have had to install double-height guards to deter browsing by kangaroos and feral deer.

During the wet months we do planting and during the dry months we revisit previous plantings and do maintenance by weeding around plants, straightening guards and stakes and removing unwanted weeds such as thistles.

Committee Work

Our Committee meets monthly to plan on-ground activities, to apply for grants and to coordinate with neighbouring groups when the opportunities arise.  Our AGM is in August.